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Online group classes and customized private sessions

Awareness Through Movement® 

group classes

Weekly Online Group Classes

Wednesdays 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Drop-in classes $15.00

Ask about special multiple class rates.

New Year special 3 month bundle starting 2022.

Contact me directly for registration.

Call me for details for additional possible times for group classes. 

Address your individual concerns.

Online Private Sessions

Sessions/classes are 1 hour

Discovery Sessions

Express your needs and concerns, while matching your expectations. 

We meet virtually and explore possibilities.

Looking for a starter package? 

Move Better Feel Better Package

This 6 lesson package is individually designed to help address your needs, and will help you float toward overall enjoyment of life.

Slow and gentle sequenced movement invites you to discover and clarify the connection between

your body and your mind.


Refine your abilities, reduce discomfort, pain, stiffness.

Expand quality of life.   

Want to upgrade? 

Life Design Package 



This 10 lesson package integrates the qualities of the Move Better Feel Better Package further expanding possibilities. 

Helps you integrate the learning points into your life. 

With less effort, less pain, more ease and enjoyment.

Calls upon your strength and vitality to facilitate your life.

Improves your focused attention for dramatic and meaningful outcomes.

Brings self-regulation (self care) for a likeable and more pleasant life.


Helps you move in any direction at any time without preparation or hesitation, in your body and in your life.


Design your own package

(Or one single session)

Recordings of your lessons might be included, ask for details. 

Please contact me for rates. 

Sue Seto

647 286-3736

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