Weekly Classes

2 Special Drop-In Classes

Monday February 17th & Monday February 24th

9:30 am

  (Drop-in rate of $20  - Boomerang Pilates Passes Welcome)

6 Class Series:  Awareness Through Movement® 6 class series

Freeing the Back from Pelvis to Shoulders

January 6, 2020 to February 10, 2020

9:30 am to 10:30 am

$120 for the 6 class series - space is limited

This series sold out.  Please check for new upcoming series.

Announcing a Public Workshop (March 21 and 22)


I am excited to invite you to a 2 day urban retreat with Julie Peck, Author and Feldenkrais Education Director. Julie is from Australia and is recognized around the world as one of the leading teachers of the Feldenkrais Method.


This is a golden opportunity to delve into The Feldenkrais Method® with a senior Education Director of Julie's caliber. 


This public workshop is for you if you:


1) Want to learn more and explore the benefits of The Feldenkrais Method® for personal improvement and physical


2) Are considering adding The Feldenkrais Method to your movement practice,

3) Would like to see how The Feldenkrais Method could enhance your professional or personal life.


Here is the Eventbrite link for registration and for more information. 



Please see the posters below for more details.

Feel free to share attachments with friends, family and healthcare professionals. 

As always, contact me for more information. 

Getting to the Public Workshop or the Advanced Training

Both the Public Workshop and the Practitioners' Advanced Training are

held in the Lithuanian House located at 1573 Bloor Street West, Toronto.  

Transportation to the Lithuanian House is easily available. 

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) offers subway, streetcar or bus to the

Dundas West TTC Station.  Make sure you go to the Dundas WEST Station and not just the Dundas Station.

The TTC have a very nice travel planner that will provide a complete map including all subway stops, streetcar numbers and bus numbers.  http://www.ttc.ca/Trip_planner/index.jsp


The Union-Pearson Express train (the 'UP') offers an express train directly from the airport or from Union Station to the Bloor Street stop. The Union-Pearson Express (the 'UP') has a map that shows their stops. 


      Lithuanian House is 1/2 block south of the Dundas West

      TTC station and then 1 block west (turn right at the stoplights).

      Lithuanian House is 2 blocks west from the UP Bloor stop

      if you exit at the Bloor street exit.

      (turn right when you exit the station onto Bloor Street). 

      Public Parking Lot on Dorval Road - 1/2 block away.

From within the city:

Subway - take the TTC subway (line 2) to Dundas West TTC Station.

Make sure you go to the Dundas WEST Station and not just the Dundas Station.

Streetcar - take streetcar number 504 or 505 directly to the Dundas West TTC Station.

Bus - use the TTC trip  planner to find the bus numbers to go to the Dundas West TTC Station.

Using the bus might involve several transfers to different buses and/or transfers to subway or streetcar.

From Union Station:  (Union Station is downtown Toronto and is the hub for VIA rail, GO trains, GO Buses, the 'UP' and TTC subway)



The 'UP' is highly recommended.  Cost only $5.30 if you buy on-line - seniors are half price.  If you decide to pay on the train there is an extra $2.00 admin fee - credit card only. Trip time about 12 minutes in a new train with very comfortable seats, lots of space for luggage and conductors to assist you.  Take the 'UP' to the Bloor Street stop.   https://www.upexpress.com/Tickets/Tickets

TTC subway  - the subway is OK, but you must transfer (lots of stairs and a fair amount of walking) and it will be crowded in the morning and will take longer than the UP.  Take line 1 north to Bloor St. Then transfer to Line 2 heading west to Dundas West Station. 

Taxis - taxis are OK, but they are expensive and during rush hour it will take longer than the 'UP'.

From the airport:

The 'UP' is highly recommended. Cost only $5.65 if you buy on-line - seniors are half price.  If you decide to pay on the train there is an extra $2.00 admin fee - credit card only. Trip time about 15 minutes in a new train with very comfortable seats, lots of space for luggage and conductors to assist you.  Take the UP to the Bloor Street stop. https://www.upexpress.com/Tickets/Tickets

Taxis - taxis are OK, but not great.  If using a taxi during the rush hour traffic it could take 1 hour or more. Average cost around $50 to $60.  Some may want to charge up to $100 which you should not accept.

TTC bus is not advisable.  Regular city bus express to the subway. Standard old TTC buses (not comfortable), plus a long trip of close to 1 hour.  You arrive at the Kipling TTC station and then must transfer to the subway (a lot of walking).  Cost is $3.25 (seniors $2.20) - exact change only if you do not have a 'PRESTO CARD'.

Public Workshop (March 21 and 22)

with Julie Peck and Gisele St. Hilaire

For Feldenkrais Practitioners Only

Announcing an Advanced Training with Julie Peck in Toronto

March 18, 19 and 20

How clarifying the orientation aspect of movement is invaluable in: 

  • Learning to inhibit parasitic action

  • Clarifying our self-image and enhancing our self-knowledge

  • Eliminating cross-motivations

  • Directing ourselves clearly and effortlessly

  • Heightening a truly healthy joy of living


We’ll be furthering our skills in directing our attention more seamlessly and reversibly:

  • From our internal to external environments

  • From the big picture to the details

  • From the focused to the diffuse


More specifically, we’ll be exploring:

  • The relationship between particular organizations evoked by different types of lessons and orienting 

  • How different ways of orienting impact our actions

  • The relationship between attending and orienting/orienting and attending


This helps us to be more selective in:

  • Choosing lessons for ourselves and our clients

  • Highlighting or pulling out different meta-themes within lessons 

  • Choosing the quality of touch in FI™

  • Identifying our own and our clients habits of attending and orienting 

  • Recognizing when orienting is the element of action that is in need of clarification and how to impact it

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