Feldenkrais helps to reduce chronic pain

Feldenkrais improves balance and senior

fall prevention.

Feldenkrais helps to reduce back pain.

Feldenkrais helps to

reduce neck and

shoulder pain.

Feel like a younger version of yourself.


The Feldenkrais Method® is for those who want to

learn how to improve their natural ability

to move, think and feel better.

Those of any age and ability can benefit from learning how to:  

-  reduce pain and assist in recovery from injury or surgery,

-  improve life, vitality, agility, enjoyment,

-  enhance performance in activities such as sports, the arts,

-  play with friends and family, or just play,

-  work more efficiently, easily and comfortably.

Who Can Benefit from the

Feldenkrais Method®?


The Feldenkrais Method® helps those experiencing chronic or acute pain, as well as healthy individuals who wish to enhance their movement abilities.

Students of the Feldenkrais Method® enjoy using it to retain or regain their ability to move without strain or discomfort. 

The Feldenkrais Method® has been researched and studied by a number of academic and medical professionals. Generally, findings indicate that this method can reduce pain, improve agility, mobility, balance and enhance cognitive function, improving Quality of Life.  

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