Feldenkrais® classes are the best move you will make.

There are two styles of Feldenkrais® lessons that will help you be in charge of your own improvement.

1) Awareness Through Movement® are group classes, and

2) Functional Integration® lessons are private one-to-one sessions.

Through placing your focused attention on gentle and detailed movements, both styles of lessons assist you in learning how your body can move more easily and efficiently with reduced effort. This promotes improvement of ease of movement, awareness of movement, clarity of thought, agility, balance, and range of motion.


Therefore, these lessons intend to guide you in educating your body to move more efficiently reducing discomfort, stiffness and pain.  They are also designed to improve function, mobility, and vitality, as well as optimize performance, in activities of every day life, in sports, the arts and at work.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® group classes are taught at Boomerang Pilates and Wellness Studio, Roncesvalles Village, Toronto 

The two styles of the Feldenkrais Method® are: 

                                              Awareness Through Movement®  group classes


                                              Functional Integration® private lessons.

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM®) 

are group classes as scheduled or

private classes by appointment


The Feldenkrais Practitioner® verbally leads you through a sequence of detailed movements using focused attention and gentle movement, while lying on a mat, sitting or standing.


In preparing for these classes, wear comfortable clothing in layers including socks. In cooler weather be sure that your clothing is warm as you may feel like having extra clothes or coverings when you begin to relax. 

Awareness Through Movement® group classes 

(video provided by David Hall, 

Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Australia) 

Functional Integration®

one-on-one sessions

(video provided by David Hall, 

Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Australia)

Functional Integration® sessions (FI®)

private customized sessions,

by appointment


These private one-to-one lessons are designed to meet your personal outcomes and goals.  The Certified Practitioner guides you through non-invasive, slow, gentle movements within your range of motion using touch, movement and words, while you are fully clothed.

Sessions are usually conducted on a Feldenkrais® table.


In preparing for these lessons please wear comfortable clothing in layers, including socks.

Public classes and private sessions are offered.

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